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Please be aware that the stadium tours be closed for tours on the following dates:

These dates may change at a short notice, so please contact us before arriving for your tour. 

We are closed on the following dates:

16th August, August: 17th August, morning 23rd August until 2pm, 30th August, 31st August, 1st September, 2nd September, 3rd September, 5th October, 6th October. 7th October, 8th October, 5th November, 6th November, 9th November, 11th November, 12th November, 16th November, 18th November, 19th November, 23rd November, 25th November, 26th November. 

Closures due to stadium operations. 

For more detailed information, please contact us on 01 232 0878 or 

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