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Please be aware that the stadium tours be closed for tours on the following dates:

These dates may change at a short notice, so please contact us before arriving for your tour. 

We are closed on the following dates:

4th February - (tours only at 3pm and 4pm)

6th February - closed

7th February - closed 

10th February - (tours only at 3pm and 4pm)

24th February - (tours only at 3pm and 4pm)

9th March - (tours only at 3pm and 4pm)

11th March - closed

12th March - closed

16th March - (tours only at 3pm and 4pm)

18th March - closed

19th March - closed

24th March - closed

25th March - closed

28th March - closed

29th March - closed

27th April - closed

30th April - closed

7th May - closed

11th May - closed

14th May - closed

26th May - closed

27th May - closed

June's closure dates will be released closer to the date. 

Closures due to stadium operations. 

For more detailed information, please contact us on 01 232 0878 or 

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