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Environmental Sustainability

Operating an international stadium in such a unique urban location presents a number of environmental challenges. Aviva Stadium has been designed and built to manage a lot of these challenges through design solutions in partnership with a sustainable operational approach. The stadium is located a short walking distance from Dublin City Centre. It is bounded to the east by the Dodder River, to the west by a railway line for one of Irelands busiest sections of track and to the north and south by neighbouring residential and commercial properties. Operating a stadium to meet the needs of fans, teams and support services also

  • requires a lot of energy and water
  • generates a lot of waste
  • requires a lot of food & beverage
  • involves fans, goods and staff transport management
  • can generate noise / additional light in the area can affect biodiversity in the area

You can learn a little more about the waste management programme at Aviva Stadium via our Waste Management Policy.

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