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Aviva Stadium is certified to ISO20121 and operates as a sustainable venue. In taking a sustainable approach in operating our stadium we work on managing our impacts under the 3 pillars of sustainability:

  1. Economic Impact
  2. Environmental Impact
  3. Social Impact

We also refer to this as the 3 P’s – Profit, Planet, People - although some organisations or people would sooner relate to this as being Green, Eco Friendly or showing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 


This means that in planning and undertaking our operation of the stadium we work to maximise positive impacts and minimise negative impacts. You can view our Sustainability Policy to see the scope of our sustainability management system and see our objectives for the current year. Some of the highlights of our performance to date in 2012 include:

Environmental Achievements

Social Achievements

Economic Achievements

Less than 2% of match day staff using private vehicles to get to the stadium on match day with dedicated parking arranged.  

Up skilling and HETAC approved training for sections of stewarding staff working at the stadium.

Paid casual employment of circa 600 stadium stewards (40% from the Dublin 1, 2 & 4 Regions) for all events that occur at the stadium.

Reduced Carbon Footprint relating to product procurement by sourcing locally and nationally with centralised distribution.

Healthier cooking regimes for food items and diverse menu offerings including salads and seafood as well as water options throughout.

All protein and dairy products sold at the stadium are nationally sourced supporting local and national employment as well as the Irish Economy

Waste Management – Annual onsite recycle rate of 75% with a May high of 94%

Raising awareness of the environmental & commercial benefits of recycling through case studies & knowledge share.

Conversion of non-recyclable material to fuel / energy recovery to divert from landfill and manage disposal costs.

Waterless urinals and rainwater harvesting save us several million litres of water.

Electricity consumption is down 26% in 2011on 2010.

Gas consumption is down 48% in 2011 on 2010, allowing for temperature & business levels fluctuations the measurable like on like reduction is 12.8%.

Supporting the national campaign of 20% carbon emission reduction by 2020.

Improved water and power efficiency ensures a financially efficient business model.

Up to 30% of fans using DART/Irish Rail with on-going public transport support via the stadium transport guide.

Community Fund of €100,000 annually with over €500,000 spent to date.

Attraction of large show piece events to Ireland including the UEFA Europa League Final, Navy v Notre Dame, Heineken Cup Final.

Click on the Environmental or Social Sections to learn more about Aviva Stadium’s sustainable approach.

If you have any comments or queries on any of the aspects of our sustainable approach you can email

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