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Local Community Hotline 

The local community hotline number, for any issues in relation to the stadium, is 01 2320 888. This line is manned daily on a 24 hour basis. 

Aviva Stadium Project Monitoring Committee

The Project Monitoring Committee (PMC) includes representation from the local Resident Associations, Local Area Councillors, Officers of Dublin City Council, Representatives from Aviva Stadium and meets on a monthly basis.

Aviva Stadium Community Fund Scheme

The Aviva Stadium Community Fund supports deserving projects in the area immediately surrounding the stadium. The annual fund of €100,000 is index linked and will continue for the life of the stadium. Any monies not given out in the year go into the following year's fund. 

The fund is administered by the Project Monitoring Committee (PMC). The PMC is advised by an independent advisor who now visits everyone making an eligible application to the fund. Documentation in relation to making an application to the fund can be can be found within the Aviva Stadium Community Grants Scheme.

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