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  • Aviva Advantages

Convert your advertising into results with Aviva Stadium!

 Do you want your advertising spend to achieve more than just a branding exercise? Do you want your brand to communicate directly with its core target audience?

Washroom Advertising is an excellent awareness driver and performs particularly well for response led campaigns.


Washroom advertising Aviva StadiumFull colour, eye level, A3 size and tamper proof, our Washroom Advertising is available on all levels throughout Aviva Stadium, making this medium potentially the most effective way to reach out to the sporting audience. 100% captive and totally unavoidable – spectators will dwell on your advertisement for on average 90 seconds each visit, allowing your Brand to get its message across.


We can tailor your campaign to be gender or demographic specific. We don’t use estimates or averages to arrive at our audience figures; you know exactly your campaign’s penetration. Your brand can reap the ‘feel good’ factor associated with Irish Rugby & Soccer along some of the best Music acts in the world today, in a targeted cost-effective way.


For Website, Washroom & Large Format Advertising, contact Outsource Media,


Visit :

Call: +353 (0)1 4439080.


The other advertising platforms such as match day programmes and pitchside signage at the stadium are under the control of the IRFU and FAI. If you wish to make enquiries about advertising on the days of soccer or rugby you should contact the association involved.



Ireland Rugby Matches


Rugby Match Day Signage

Clear Channel Declan O'Carroll - Declan.O' +353 1 4784500

Matchday Programmes

To advertise in rugby match day programmes

New Century Publishing Jimmy Jackson +353 1 8855222



Ireland Soccer Matches or +353 (0)1 899500

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